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Buffy Season 8 - Book 6

Before I start I must say that when it comes to all things Whedon I am a little biased. Buffy was the start of the admiration, so obviously I am an avid reader of the season 8 comics.

The latest installment was written by Jane Espenson and was mostly a good read. The characters were true to their television personalities, something that was sure to happen when written by one of the main writers on the show!

The story begins with the crew heading to visit Oz to learn how to lose their powers in a bid to stop Willow turning to the dark side again. This is something that seems pretty plausable within the Buffy universe, although Oz having a kid is something I didn't see coming!
We have Twilight (season 8's big bad) starting war against the slayers, causing upheavel in Oz's peaceful life. This war is fought using man-made weapons, such as tanks, bringing Dawn and Xander to come to the foreground as the only characters who have never had any powers.

It was nice to see Oz again, as this would probably have been difficult within the actual TV show due to Seth Green's busy schedule with all things showbiz! However, his having a kid seemed pretty unlikely for some reason. Maybe that was just me...

Another unlikely thing within the show to me was the relationship between Dawn and Xander. I don't feel like he would ever have gone for her due to the fact that she was so much younger, but I have a friend who thinks that it was hinted at throughout season 7, so I may be wrong. There were many things I can think of to suggest it wouldn't have happened, but the Buffy crew don't seem the sort to ignore the way characters behave.

Mostly I think that this book was a good one, but not a stand out read compared to some others. The short comics at the end were pretty good, especially the one by Joss Whedon focussing on Buffy's dream. As the dreams we usually see are premonitions of awful things to come, it was nice to see a normal weird dream, like we all get (well maybe not exactly like we all get!)

Overall, I would recommed reading this and all the other Buffy season 8 comics. Although I would recommend anything Joss Whedon has done. There's that bias coming in!


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