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Brendan Benson Glasgow gig - 3rd March 2010
I went to see Brendan Benson at ABC 2 (moved from QMU) on Wednesday. Was a small venue and looked like the turnout wasn't going to be too great, but by the time Brendan took to the stage the place felt packed.
We missed the beginning of support act 'Heartless Bastards' but from what we heard they were pretty good. Strong female vocals, but the atmosphere in the venue kind of detracted from their performance. Nobody was really paying attention other than around 10 people standing right at the barrier.
Everybody moved forward to pay better attention to Brendan Benson, which I feel made him relax more easily than last time I saw him (at Oran Mor in October). He seemed really comfortable on stage and appeared to enjoy himself. Benson appeared particularly enthralled by the fact that there was a young child (aged around 10-12) attending. He spoke to the wee boy and reached out to hold his hand. Although I am jealous of the wee boy getting the drum sticks at the end!
The music was a good mix from his 4 albums, with no apparant preference to newer material. Everything was really tight, although the sound was a lot louder than the gigs I normally attend. This makes me sound like such an old fogey, but this isn't a complaint, just something slightly different than usual.
Personal highlights were Sitting Pretty and Cross Eyed Girl. Mostly because these are 2 tracks I really enjoy. My favourite 3 tracks are all songs Benson is unlikely to perform live (Emma J, Insects Rule and Left & Right) but this means I'm not dissappointed not to hear them. Despite not getting my favourite tracks, I enjoy seeing Brendan Benson live and I think this show was an improvement on his last Scottish date, which was a really good show in itself!
I would highly recommend Brendan Benson shows to anybody and hope that he can be known as somebody other than the other singer from the Raconteurs! All in all great show!


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